A little bit about this blog…

Ok ohmygod I can’t believe that I actually created this blog, but here we are! 

It’s the beginning of the year 2022 right now, I just turned 22 and I feel like this is my year of change. To give you (and myself) some inspiration I decided to create this blog, which is all about creating your best life!

Even though right now I’m still a broke student pretty much living off of my student loan, I owe it to my future self to already be in a certain type of mindset, to start visualizing and working for what I want my life to be like. 

I’m super excited to share all of the things that I’m visualising : cute outfits that’ll give you old money/Mediterranean woman vibes, beauty products that’ll make you glow, learning to embrace your unique features, working on your dream body & mindset… Oooof, simply writing about it gets me so super excited!

So here’s the plan: On my blog, I’ll share literally everything I come across on the internet that might help you on your journey as well, see it like a magic book full of inspiration, and then on my YouTube channel I’ll be a bit more personal and talk more about the things that helped me personally. 

Maybe that’ll change in a few years though, I’m def. someone who changes plans a lot.  But for now, this is the plan 🙂

So on this website it’s more like an “ohh look what I found, some of us should try this!” kinda vibe and on my YouTube it’ll be more about my own glowup journey and experiences. If you’re interested to see who’s behind this blog and where I am in my own glow up journey, make sure to check out and subscribe to my channel! ♡

Anyways, that was it! I hope you’ll find my content inspiring and that it helps you to become the best version of yourself ♡

Sending you lots of love and good vibes from the Netherlands,